ATTENTION: If you are nine years to fifteen, you have serious reason to address your movement ASAP! 

Your growth plates are about to close! For girls, the average age is 13 – 15 years. Guys’ growth plates tend to close on average when they’re 15 – 17. 

So, you must address your movement flaws now – the reason you lack mobility, have pain, or asymmetries – because it gets harder and harder to fix yourself after your growth plates close.


I hope this blog inspires you to act now.


Inevitably, every human on this planet ages. There are no variable factors that can stop age. There are only variables that can slow age down. Some humans age more quickly than others, and some slowly notice age. If you act now, you can seriously set yourself up for a life of youth – a life avoiding limited joints, connective tissue problems, tight and immobile limbs, & pain all the time! Because once your growth plates close with asymmetry and wrong movement, the body needs ten times more reps to counter the inadequate with the correct. It gets more challenging to gain access back in the ankles and hips. Your body becomes more likely to be at risk for injury. And it gets harder to walk, run and compete with God-given natural movement once the growth plates close. 


The good news… 

If you act now before it’s too late.


1) You listen to G8way Max coaches and what they say about good movement behavior and cautious or poor tendency. You assess and learn from your daily habits. 

2) You correct your poor movement behavior with counter exercises prescribed by G8way Max coaches.

3) You change your daily habits to help you remain in better positions that avoid putting your body at harm. 

4) Your lifestyle choices stay enabling your natural movement, not countering. 


Then you are more likely to hold your natural movement patterns longer. If you can return to your natural movement behavior before your growth plates close, you can save your body from all the risks throughout life. Then, losing access and mobility in your ankles and hips becomes harder. It now takes more poor habits to deteriorate your body back to where you started. So, buy yourself more freedom!


So say you’ve maintained your innate movement pattern all the way to when your growth plates closed.. What else would happen?

You’ve allowed your body more room for error in age and set yourself up for more mobility and less pain, but now, you’ve also increased your natural energy and performance.


When the body moves irregularly, meaning the feet collapse, the hips release energy poorly, or the body fails to meet another fundamental healthy movement quality, the body has lower performance and less stamina. And when the wrong muscles dominate the should-be bigger ones, the body’s strength and energy become reliant on the wrong muscles to be the engine of the body. And so, the body compensates, using muscles that were never intended for running, athleticism, throwing, jumping, or sport, and the athlete or working individual has lower stamina and performance. 

So, now that you’ve understood the reason to act and have many reasons, here’s how you can start before your growth plates close.

G8way Max Coach

    Jacob Salim
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