Target Prospect: Person Who Desires The Highest Quality Of Life






Escape From: High Injury Rates, Low Performance, Tight and Aching Areas, Overall Disempowered States & Decreased Energy

Arrive At: Life Long Non-Contact Pain Free Joints, Connective Tissue, & Muscles With Security, Durability, Flexibility, & Explosive Drive



High Injury Rates, Low Performance, Tight and Aching Areas, Overall Disempowered States & Decreased Energy =>
Mastering Your Natural Movement => Knowing Your Genetics => Improving Your Nutrition => Owning Your Mindset => Mastering Your Sleep => Improving Your Recovery => Managing Your Weight => Improving Your Performance



Mastering Your Natural Movement

  • Understand Your Issue Specific Problem, Or Your Disorganized Pattern Of Movement, & How It Can Be Corrected

  • Perform The Necessary Exercises To Counteract The Problem

  • Make Better Habits In Life, So The Problem Goes Away Permanently.


Knowing Your Genetics

  • Easily Collect Important Data From Your Genetics

  • Interpret Your Genetic Data

  • Make Better Habits That Align Specifically To Your Genetic Makeup & Match Your Goals Nutritionally & Physically


Improving Your Nutrition

  • Be Aware Of What Goes In Your Body, & How To Track It

  • Know What Foods, Liquids, & Supplements Your Body Should Specifically Take

  • Know What You May Be More At Risk For

  • Use Several Tips & Tricks To Reach Goals Faster


Owning Your Mindset

  • Develop An Understanding Of How Powerful Your Thoughts & Words Are

  • Learn How To Master Your Physical State

  • Obtain a Deeper Level Of Self Awareness

  • Live In The Present More, Learn From Your Past, & Live Life Without Worry

  • Trust Yourself & Your Relationships More

  • Acknowledge What Your Basic Blueprint Needs Are & How To Meet Them


Mastering Your Sleep

  • Develop A Higher Knowledge Of Sleep Importance And Positions

  • Learn How To Wake Up Less Tired And Groggy

  • Improve Body Positions While Sleeping

  • Learn Ways To Take Advantage Of Sleep To Reach Goals Faster & Get Rid Of Pain Quicker

  • Get To Sleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer

  • Tap Into Your Alpha State To Achieve Your Goals Faster When You Wake Up In The Morning


Improving Your Recovery

  • Understand The Purpose Of Fast Recovery

  • Take Stretching To A Whole New Level

  • Use Inexpensive & Simple Ways To Recover Fast

  • Use Your Genetics To Speed Up Your Recovery


Managing Your Weight

  • Become Aware Of Your Body & How Your Weight Affects Your Movement

  • Use Your Genetics To Know How Food, Supplements, Liquids, & Daily Habits Affect Your Weight Management

  • Gain Or Actually Lose Weight Correctly, Safely, And For Real


Improving Your Performance

  • Use All Of Your Genetic Potential

  • Move As Fast & Explosive As Possible Safely

  • Stay Durable For Your Career
G8way Max Coach

    Josh Salim