Target Prospect: Person Who Desires The Highest Quality Of Life







Escape From: High Injury Rates, Low Performance, Tight and Aching Areas, Overall Disempowered States & Decreased Energy

Arrive At: Life Long Non-Contact Pain Free Joints, Connective Tissue, & Muscles With Security, Durability, Flexibility, & Explosive Drive


High injury rates, Low performance, Tight and aching areas, Overall disempowered states & decreased energy => Mastering your natural movement => Knowing your genetics => Improving your nutrition => Owning your mindset => Mastering your sleep => Improving your recovery => Managing your weight => Improving your performance


Mastering Your Natural Movement

  • Understand your issue specific problem, or your disorganized pattern of movement, & how it can be corrected
  • Perform the necessary exercises to counteract the problem
  • Make better habits in life, so the problem goes away permanently

Knowing Your Genetics

  • Easily collect important data from your genetics
  • Interpret your genetic data
  • Make better habits that align specifically to your genetic makeup & match your goals nutritionally & physically

Improving Your Nutrition

  • Be aware of what goes in your body, & how to track it
  • Know what foods, liquids, & supplements your body should specifically take
  • Know what you may be more at risk for
  • Use several tips & tricks to reach goals faster

Owning Your Mindset

  • Develop an understanding of how powerful your thoughts & words are
  • Learn how to master your physical state
  • Obtain a deeper level of self awareness
  • Live in the present more, learn from your past, & live life without worry
  • Trust yourself & your relationships more
  • Acknowledge what your basic blueprint needs are & how to meet them

Mastering Your Sleep

  • Develop a higher knowledge of sleep importance and positions
  • Learn how to wake up less tired and groggy
  • Improve body positions while sleeping
  • Learn ways to take advantage of sleep to reach goals faster & get rid of pain quicker
  • Get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer
  • Tap into your alpha state to achieve your goals faster when you wake up in the morning

Improving Your Recovery

  • Understand the purpose of fast recovery
  • Take stretching to a whole new level
  • Use inexpensive & simple ways to recover fast
  • Use your genetics to speed up your recovery

Managing Your Weight

  • Become aware of your body & how your weight affects your movement
  • Use your genetics to know how food, supplements, liquids, & daily habits affect your weight management
  • Gain or actually lose weight correctly, safely, and for real

Improving Your Performance

  • Use all of your genetic potential
  • Move as fast & explosive as possible safely
  • Stay durable for your career
G8way Max Coach

    Josh Salim