Whether you are trying to get out of pain or looking to improve your overall performance, we have a plan for you.


$ 9.99/month

Buy Yearly & Save $20

Wellness features:

  • Access to the G8way Max App
  • Wellness Progression Program
  • In App Messaging
  • 1 Personalized Performance Maximizer Routine
  • Performance & Wellness Coaching Videos Based on Experience Points

Get Moving

$ 19.99/month

Buy Yearly & Save $40

Everything in Wellness, plus:

  • Monthly Recurring Pre-Movement Assessment
  • Monthly Recurring 4-Point Scorecard and G8WAY GRADE
  • Training Program Based On Your Pre-Movement Assessment
  • 2 Personalized Performance Maximizer Routines
  • 50 Wellness Points Monthly


$ 49.99/month

Buy Yearly & Save $100

Everything in Get Moving, plus:

  • Monthly Recurring Performance Assessment
  • Monthly Recurring 8-Point Scorecard and G8WAY GRADE
  • Personal G8way Coach with Unlimited Text Ability
  • Training Program Based On Your Performance Assessment 
  • 3 Personalized Performance Maximizer Routines
  • 100 Wellness Points Monthly

Elite Performance

$ 199.99/month

Buy Yearly & Save $400

Everything in Performance, plus:

  • Monthly Recurring Max Movement Assessment
  • Monthly Recurring 50-Point Scorecard and G8WAY GRADE
  • Initial Deep-Dive Voiced-Over Video Response from Your G8way Coach
  • Elite Training Program Based on Your Max Movement Assessment and Specific Goals
  • 2 (30-Minute) Monthly Training Calls
  • 200 Wellness Points Monthly
What is the Wellness Progression program?

The Wellness Progression program is a full-body routine to promote healthy lifestyles without pain. This program progresses monthly, becoming more challenging as one moves forward. This program is personalized but less in-depth than the Get Moving Plan or the Performance and Elite Performance Plan. This plan works well for all individuals; however, there are better programs for athletes looking to maximize their performance; those better plans are the Performance and Elite Performance Plan. This program will make you feel better and move you in the right direction for getting out of pain,  increasing mobility, or moving better. It's just less in-depth than the other three training programs.

What is a Performance Maximizer routine?

The Performance Maximizer routines are scheduled periodically throughout each month in the app. Each Performance Maximizer routine consists of a precise training program personalized to you. These programs are prescribed based on your needs to escape pain and/or create more mobility, strength, better movement, or athleticism. Each Performance Maximizer routine has a unique purpose that focuses on a specific portion of the body, or on a particular physical function. When someone gets on a training plan option, each plan will come with a set amount of Performance Maximizer routines. However, if one is on the Performance Plan or Elite Performance Plan, the monthly recurring assessments will also produce more of the needed Performance Maximizer routines each month. Therefore, being on the Performance or Elite Performance plan will offer more Performance Maximizer routines than just the set amount.
Some of the different Performance Maximizer routines could be:
- Abdomen (Abs) Performance Maximizer

- Achilles Performance Maximizer

- Ankles Performance Maximizer

- Arms Performance Maximizer

- Bow Leg Posture Performance Maximizer

- Calves Performance Maximizer

- Glutes Performance Maximizer

- Groins Performance Maximizer

- Hamstrings Performance Maximizer

- Hip Flexors Performance Maximizer

- IT Bands Performance Maximizer
- Knees Performance Maximizer

- Lats Performance Maximizer

- Lower Back Performance Maximizer

- Mid Back Performance Maximizer

- Neck Performance Maximizer

- Pre-Corner Leg Posture Performance Maximizer

- Quads Performance Maximizer
- Shoulders Performance Maximizer

- Spinal Health Performance Maximizer

- Suppleness (Mobility) Performance Maximizer

- Toes Performance Maximizer

- Upper Back Performance Maximizer
- Wrists Performance Maximizer

What are Experience Points (XP)?

XP Points are one of the two currencies that run within G8way Max. When someone completes a workout, a habit, hops on training calls, trains in-person, reaches a new goal, increases their G8way Grade (Security Grade), and many other options, one will receive XP Points. XP Points are used to level up to earn more rewards and receive performance and wellness-related videos in the app. Anything that is earned with XP Points cannot be purchased with real money $$. XP Points are G8way's way of giving back to our Max Movers. Every time you level up, you get something cool!

Here you will see several ways that you can gain XP Points within G8way Max's system.

What is the Pre-Movement Assessment and the 4-Point Scorecard?

The Pre-Movement Assessment analyzes four categorical movements by looking at your posture (your body's musculoskeletal structure before you move). This assessment comes with the Get Moving Plan and can be taken every month to track progress. It takes minimal effort to get your assessment results. And the best thing about it is it can take less than 30 seconds to take all three pictures. Simply upload three pictures (front-facing and two side-facing pictures), and you’ll receive your results shortly after. Please watch the video below for instructions on how to do the Pre-Movement Assessment to see if it's right for you. 

What is the G8WAY GRADE?

The G8WAY GRADE  is the universal term for one's musculoskeletal security grade rating calculated based on movement and pre-movement AI analysis. This grade is the percentage calculated at the bottom of every G8way scorecard. This G8WAY GRADE will tell someone how likely someone is to have a non-contact injury. If someone has a low G8WAY GRADE %, they have a high chance of non-contact injury and pain in the body. If someone has a 33% G8WAY GRADE, then that means that they have a 67% Risk Percentage. If you look at the G8way Science Page on this website, the AI assessment's scorecards compare you to the best movers on the planet. Those movers are scoring a G8WAY GRADE  of 100%.

What does the Get Moving Plan training program look like?

The Get Moving Plan training program goes more in-depth than the Wellness Progression program but is less detailed than the Performance and Elite Performance plans. On the GMP, you will receive performance, wellness, and lifestyle coaching videos that those on the Wellness Progression Plan will never receive. However, the Performance Plan and Elite Performance Plan members will receive specific coaching and education videos that GMP members will never receive. The GMP training program will focus on various necessities, taking into account the fastest way to reach your goals. The Get Moving Plan is personalized and tailored to your pain/most soreness areas and your Pre-Movement Assessment. This routine will cover your entire body; however, it will focus primarily on the area you need to fix the most. This plan is suitable for getting started if you are a non-athlete and is a good starting point if you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight. This plan includes a monthly recurring Pre-Movement Assessment and scorecard to track progress and modify the training program if needed.  

What are Wellness Points?

Wellness Points are the second currency within G8way Max (after XP Points) that are used to purchase unique things in the Wellness Points Shop. Several items and services will give someone a certain amount of Wellness Points. G8way Max uses Wellness Points to give back to Max Movers who invest in G8way's services or products. You can also earn Wellness Points from investing in G8way Max's IDLife's products and services, as well as other providers like Kinetic Arm, etc.
Check out some of the items in the Wellness Points Store by clicking the button below!

What is the Performance Assessment and 8-Point Scorecard?

The Performance Assessment is the perfect step into the athlete's blueprint for development. 

The AI calculation compares your musculoskeletal structure’s durability and full-body mobility access to the four most durable categories of movers on the planet and the mathematics of the Golden Ratio. Those four categories of movers are shown on the Science page tab here on this Website. Please see the scorecard below as well. This assessment is straightforward to complete. It takes roughly 60 seconds to capture photos and 5-10 minutes to get your results. The Performance Assessment report will tell you how likely you are to have a non-contact injury by giving you a G8WAY GRADE and an analysis of G8way's 8 Movement Points. Because this is an ongoing learning AI assessment, you can track your progress and see how much you are improving each month you upload your assessment pictures. This assessment will analyze over 40 data metrics, angles, and musculoskeletal shapes on your body, looking at several pre-movement states of your physical structure and a couple of moving states.


What does having unlimited text ability  from a personal G8way coach mean?

Unlimited texting ability is for only the Performance and Elite Performance Plans. Each plan comes with a personal G8way coach. When someone has unlimited texting ability, one can send as many texts as they want to their coach to answer any question. Questions could range from sports-specific, pain, advice, tips on G8way-related things, etc. There's no limit here. Once you text one of our coaches, they will reply soon. Sometimes, they will even reply with a video response. Many of our G8way Max movers will use this texting ability to ask for technique critique on all our G8way drills. Please see the video below to learn more about this unlimited texting ability. 

What does the Performance Plan training program look like?

The Performance Plan is G8way's most popular plan. This plan goes significantly in depth with one's anatomical body, movement needs, and goals. This plan is recommended as a baseline for all athletes. One will receive the Performance Assessment and an 8-point scorecard recurring each month on this plan. This is because the training program will be built each month based on the Performance Assessment data received each month. This personalized plan focuses on more than the Get Moving and Wellness Progression plans offer. This Performance Plan will be a total body approach, prescribing various routines based on one's goals, pain/restricted areas, and Performance Assessment data. This plan includes far more wellness, performance, education, and lifestyle coaching videos than the Get Moving or Wellness Progression plans. This plan comes with the highest number of set Performance Maximizer routines. This plan also includes a personal G8way Max coach to help with all needs and questions. The Performance Plan also includes unlimited text-ability, one of the most beneficial features for accountability and development. This plan is the most popular plan at G8way Max for a reason and is highly recommended for all athletes, and even non-athletes, looking to speed up their goal processes faster than the Get Moving or Wellness Progression plans.  This plan is also very beneficial because it is tailored to maintaining, gaining, or your desire to lose weight.

What is the Max Movement Assessment and 50-Point Scorecard?

The Max Movement Assessment is the most in-depth assessment we offer at G8way Max. If you are on the Elite Performance Plan for your initial month or buy this product a la carte, you will receive a voice-over response with your assessment recording and a 50-point scorecard.What does the voiced-over response look like? Please click on the FAQ toggle below.The Max Movement assessment will analyze your walking and running mechanics (if you can run) and musculoskeletal foundation. Every data point and video frame assessed in the Performance Plan's Performance Assessment is also evaluated in this Max Movement Assessment.One of the best things about the Max Movement Assessment is that it takes up to 90 seconds to perform. We are efficient in our assessment process and want it simple for you. This is another factor that makes this assessment product so unique.The AI assessment will analyze over 200 anatomical metrics, angles, and musculoskeletal shapes in your body and your movement in each of the nearly 2500 frames in your assessment video. This assessment will compare you to the best movers on the planet who never got injured non-contact. These movers hardly ever had pain in their bodies. These movers would receive a 100% G8WAY GRADE. You will receive a particular G8WAY GRADE on your scorecard based on the AI calculation found in your assessment. The scorecard will have 50 points, which are the most critical characteristics the best movers on the planet have. Please see the scorecard below.

You'll just need to do a quick recording to take the assessment. See the video below to get an idea of how easy it is to perform and record the assessment.

What does the initial deep-dive voiced-over video response from your G8way Coach look like? 

This video analysis response occurs whenever you initially join G8way Max's Elite Performance Plan. This voice-over is so beneficial; it takes a lot of time and effort from our coaches to prepare for you. After your EPP initial voiced-over response is completed, if you want to have another analysis in the future from our coaches, you can purchase the Max Movement Assessment a la carte and save $25 using a unique code that you'll receive for being a member (priced at $100 for non-members). 

The deep-dive portion of the Max Movement Assessment is a voiced-over analysis where your G8way coach will draw lines, arrows, and shapes on your musculoskeletal system while you walk, run, and go through the entirety of the assessment. If this coach's analysis is a deal breaker for you whether you get on EPP or another, or whether you really want to see an example of this assessment, please fill out the form below. We can't put this assessment out in public, so if you leave your name, email, and social media below (so we know you're a real person :)), we can reach out with an example for you to see.

What does the Elite Performance Plan training program look like?

The Elite Performance Plan is G8way's most in-depth and hands-on plan that we offer. This plan's training program goes in-depth significantly more than any other program that G8way offers. The training program will include even more variety and advanced drills than other plans at G8way Max. The training program will also advance in challenge and effectiveness faster. Any video at G8way Max that is offered to anyone, if you are on the Elite Performance Plan, you will have that video. This plan is the fastest way to get to your goals. This plan is entirely personalized and has a personal G8way coach for the hands-on experience. The G8way coach will modify your program throughout the month, ensuring it is perfect and effective for you based on anything that could happen during the month. This program is tailored to your desire to lose, gain, or maintain weight and to your performance goals. It is also tailored to your pain and immediate focus areas. And this training program is also tailored to the recurring monthly Max Movement assessment, the most in-depth evaluation G8way Max does.Because this assessment is so in-depth, the training program is extremely effective. The EPP is our second most popular plan at G8way Max because it's hands-on with a coach and speeds up the fitness process faster than any other plan G8way Max offers. The Elite Performance Plan comes with an initial deep-dive voiced-over response during the first month. This response is from your G8way coach, who breaks down your walking and running biomechanics and your body's musculoskeletal structure and pre-movement. This is a fifteen to thirty-minute video. This plan also includes two thirty-minute monthly training calls with your G8way coach in the app. Suppose you're interested in total accountability, the fastest process, G8way's best technology, and an elite training program; this plan is for you regardless of whether you're an athlete or not.

What does a training call entail?

A training call is scheduled based on your and your G8way coach's availability. The call is planned in the G8way Max training app but can also be scheduled in Zoom. The training call will cover a variety of things, such as assessments, movement drills that are prescribed (going over technique, talking about purpose and how to maximize the drill), sport-specific details, getting you real-time results (whether you need to get out of pain asap), and training calls are used to answer any questions you may have on the app or any other process, etc. Training calls on the Elite Performance Plan last thirty minutes twice a month. Training calls can also go longer in duration based on buying training calls a la carte. For most training calls, prepare for the session by wearing athletic attire. You will most likely sweat during the training call, but if athletic attire is not needed, your coach will inform you beforehand.

Is there a contract/cancellation policy with each plan?

There is no contract with each of the G8way Max plans. That means you can cancel anytime, while your program will expire a month after the initial purchase or the renewing date if you cancel. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. We pride ourselves in taking care of the client first, so if you need help with canceling or any need whatsoever, please email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you wish to cancel your plan's subscription, there will be an easy way to do so in the G8way app.

What does recurring mean for each plan?

Your plan is scheduled to automatically renew each month (annually if you choose the more inexpensive monthly route). Please note you can cancel your membership at any time. Because all of G8way's subscription plans are recurring, that means each month, the training program in the app progresses and changes for the better. Our G8way coaches work hard each month to provide elite services, so having the plans automatically recurring allows our coaches to build one's program out in advance. The more you stay on with your G8way Max plan, the more you progress with your goals each month.

How much time should I commit daily to my G8way training program?

The more time you commit daily to your G8way program, the faster you will see results. That being said, we tailor all your programs to your schedule. In our initial onboarding form, if you say that you have only 5 mins to commit daily to your G8way training program, we will design your daily to-do routines to be around 5 mins.