Elite Performance Plan🔒


This plan is for the dedicated person who wants to get back to their natural movements the fastest, and build strength and explosive drive on top of it. It is also the most hands-on remote program that we offer at G8way Max. You will receive total accountability and progress tracking. Not only will you receive an Assessment and Elite Scorecard every month by our G8way Max Coaches, but you will also get 2 monthly training calls.


What You Get:

  • Monthly Recurring Voice-Over Assessment
  • Monthly Recurring Elite Scorecard – 50 Movement Checkpoints
  • The G8way Max App
  • Elite Training Regiments, Customized To Your Assessed Needs: Total Body Workouts, Movement & Corrective Exercises
  • (2) 30-Minute Zoom Training Calls (Monthly)
  • Unlimited Text Ability For ASAP Video Critiquing & Help